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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path
Psalm 119:105

Presenting God's Word

This is excerpted from comments made by Reverend Katherine Morgan many years ago:

Well, it was just so wonderful, so tremendous to us what God was doing. We just watched Him work and He did. We had no idea where things were coming from but we knew God had called us. Friends, I dare people to trust the Lord. If He calls, He will keep you. You know that God is bigger than anything. If He calls someone, He will take care of them. I believe we should do all we can, but God will do the rest when we can't.

So we laid into this work, we gave ourselves, all we had, into this work. We determined to never take a salary and never to pay a salary, so that is the way this work is run. It is all by done by faith in God. You should see the people who work here. They work so sweetly and so cheerfully. Some people walk in and think that surely we are paying all of them. But I couldn't possibly do it. But they are happy and that is what most of the people see when they visit Border Missions. It is the joy that people have in working as unto the Lord. Friends, the Lord just blesses everyone who helps here.

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